Seasonal Planter Program

Introducing | Seasonal Planter Subscriptions 

Our seasonal planter subscription program keeps your indoor or outdoor space looking festive and fresh each season! Our program offers a planter for each season, or the whole year depending on the plan that is purchased. Planters will be delivered/installed in the appropriate season. Please refer to our website for available planter selection. Please contact us if you have your own planters.

Our seasonal planter program transforms any space by adding fresh greenery and colour to fit your style! 

  • Individually designed for your home
  • Great for enhancing the curb appeal or brightening up your deck, patio, or entrance
  • Beautifully stage your home, office, or business space 
  • Our program is very flexible, select the seasons that you would like an arrangement.
  • Custom pricing options for customers that have their own planter
  • Available for all four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter, see what is included in breakdown below

Includes | Seasonal Breakdown 

Spring: Seasonal greenery including spring flowers. This season typically lasts for three to four weeks under good conditions. Spring planters are installed around mid-April or early May.

Summer: Summer planters under proper care will last through the summer as long as they are watered regularly. They contain tropical and flowering plants. Summer planters are installed around early June.

Fall: Fall planters tend to not last as long as the rest of the seasons, however, they get your space looking mighty festive! Our fall planter arrangements use fall blooming flowers that will provide a burst of colour before the end of the landscape season. Fall planters are installed around mid to late September.

Winter: Enjoy a splash of fresh colour throughout the holiday season. Our winter planters use a mixture of wintergreens and festive decorations. These planters are installed mid to late November.

Custom | On-Demand Arrangements

Our seasonal planters are also available on-demand for the real estate market or other special events. Contact us to get your space brightened up with our seasonal planter program. We will be in touch in the next 24 - 72 hours.

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