Pet Friendly Plants


Whether you are a dog person, a cat person, or both, we know how important your pets are to you. That's why we want to help you keep them safe! Determining what plants are pet friendly is important to research before purchasing. To make the plant shopping easier, we have compiled a list of our pet friendly plants! 


Our succulent pack comes in an assortment of hens and chicks, including the blue echeverias and burros tall which are all pet friendly plants. What's also nice about our succulent pack is that you can pot each plant individually to scatter greenery throughout your home or group them together in a large indoor or outdoor planter as a large arrangement. Either way, if your pet's get pesky, they're safe with succulents! 

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Air Plants 

Air plants are easy to care for and pet friendly! These little cuties, add a great dash of green decor in any area of your home or office. Air plants are also a great first plant as they do not require any potting or planting, just a bath once and a while! Although safe for your pets, they may try to chew on your air plant's spindly leaves, so try to keep out of reach so they do not get damaged or eaten as a snack. 

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Areca, Kentia and Pony Tail Palm 

The areca, kentia and pony tail palm tree, are not only just pet friendly, but super easy to care for! Palm trees, although known to grow in warm, sunny places, don't require all that much light. This means, they can be placed pretty much anywhere! Please note, that not all palm trees are safe for pets, the sago palm tree is poisonous to pets. Although, the term palm is part of the name, the sago palm is not a true palm. They are a cycad and should not be grown in homes with pets.

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The bromeliads add such a vibrant appeal to your space! These plants are easy to care for, as they do not need a lot of light. This flower plant stays bloomed all year round which is great for those cold, Canadian winters we have! While it's white outside, you can keep it bright and tropical indoors with the bromeliads, not to mention pet friendly! 

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Not only are orchids pet friendly, they're human friendly! That's right, you can eat orchid pedals. It is a very common garnish on cocktails and plates. This tradition stemmed out of Hawaii. An orchid is the perfect pedal flower to add to your bathroom, bedroom, office or living room! It is low maintenance and easy to care for! Just remember to only water it once a week with only an ice cube, no more, no less. 

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